For regular support services, our maintenance packages can be viewed here.  To submit a support ticket, please click here.

SUPPORT Services

ColorMeBlu understand there will be instances to which your site will have issues and/or need updates. Our team is here to provide you with support in a prompt and reasonable time frame so your site is back up and functioning.


Support Services

The Client should contact ColorMeBlu Designs for the following services:

  • Website performance or hosting issues.

  • Editing, revising, or updating page and product content including text, images, and SEO-related content

  • Editing, revising, or updating templates on existing website pages

  • New web page and email templates based on existing design

  • Modifications and minor enhancements to existing functions, forms, and features on the existing website

  • Consultation, guidance, and training on the use of the website and content management system

  • Support of third party tools and applications used on the website and integrated by ColorMeBlu (i.e., WordPress, Wix, Powr, PayPal, Search tools, etc.)

  • Updates required to website due to incompatibilities with new browsers and new browser versions

Access and Authorization


To provide necessary linking & integrating services, ColorMeBlu Designs will need authorization to access the following:

  • Web hosting account

  • Domain registrar and DNS (if applicable)

  • Social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

  • Third party tools and applications (i.e. PayPal, Square, Dropbox photo links, email service provider, video hosting services, etc.)

Maintenance & Support Service Process


All clients will use the simple process outlined below for submitting and escalating support issues. For tracking and billing purposes, all non-emergency support/maintenance requests are required to be submitted through the form or directly to our email listed below.


How to contact the Support Team:

1.   Submit a support request ticket.

2.   You will receive a confirmation response from our Support team to confirm receipt of your site issue.

3.   Escalate the request, if necessary. If your requests are not addressed to your satisfaction, escalate the request by contacting your web designer.



Request Types – Definitions & Examples


Support requests typically fall into one of the below categories:

1.   EMERGENCY: Any serious problem with the website

  • The website is down

  • E-commerce errors

2.   TECHNICAL ISSUE: Any problems with the website not performing as it was originally developed

  • A form is broken

  • Page contents do not display as designed

3.   SUPPORT REQUEST: Any requests for assistance in explaining or using the website or tools provided by ColorMeBlu

  • “How to” questions

  • Content management system assistance (Wix and Squarespace)

  • Content changes to the plugins embedded on website


4.   MAINTENANCE ISSUE: Any issue or request that involves minor modifications to the website

  • Squarespace and Wix upgrades or module installation (Additional Maintenance Info)

  • Website maintenance needed due to security access, email discontinuation, etc.

  • Edits, revisions, and modifications (see your Maintenance Agreement)


Resolution & Problem Solving Timeframes


All responses to non-emergency requests received after 4:00pm CST may be delayed until the next business day. Responses to technical issues on weekends and holidays received after 5:00pm CST will be delayed until the following morning.

Support Cost & Terms


ColorMeBlu charges $75 per hour for all support and maintenance services. ColorMeBlu will not invoice for every minute and we will use good judgement when determining what to charge for issues. There are no charges incurred to:

  • Respond to and resolve hosting issues for ColorMeBlu websites

  • Fix something that is broken due to “errors and omissions on the part of ColorMeBlu Designs

  • Any issues incurred within the 30-day warranty period given to new clients’ post-launch.

For clients who do not have maintenance agreements in place; any requests estimated over 4 hours, ColorMeBlu will propose a cost estimate for approval. Clients who have maintenance agreements and the issues exceeds the allotted monthly hours, ColorMeBlu will be billed at the rate $35/additional hour over the package time.

Additional Services


The website work listed below is considered “Additional Services,” and is not considered to be support/maintenance services. Our designers will advise the client on any requested work that is not support/maintenance and provide an ideal approach, costs, and timeline for completion. Example additional services include:

  • Website redesign

  • New functions, features, design, and development

  • New Pages

  • Email marketing services

  • Social media page management

Disclaimers & Notifications

  • Errors and Omissions: ColorMeBlu provides all new clients with a specific warranty period for websites post-launch to ensure our clients because we are accountable for fixing any errors and omissions and broken things immediately after launch. However, it’s important that ColorMeBlu clients understand that we don’t cause and control all issues and, therefore, can’t fix all issues for free. Websites inherently need maintenance because they are viewed through browsers and use many third-party tools. The browsers and third party tools are regularly updated, and versions may no longer be supported. This sometimes results in causing a website feature to “break” or simply to not perform as expected. We are ready, willing, and able to help fix all issues, but we charge for the ones we don’t cause. ColorMeBlu assumes to be the sole provider of maintenance services for the website. If a party other than ColorMeBlu makes changes to the website, which results in ColorMeBlu providing necessary updates or fixes to the website, it will not be considered “errors and omissions on the part of ColorMeBlu” and you will be charged for any repair services done on our behalf.

  • Website Hosting: ColorMeBlu is accountable for the performance of the websites designed by ColorMeBlu. ColorMeBlu will provide Support services to clients whose websites are designed by ColorMeBlu; however, hosting support for ColorMeBlu developed websites hosted by other providers is the responsibility of the client and/or hosting provider. Website performance can be affected by changes to a hosting environment, which can require maintenance or updates to the website. Should this type of website update be necessary, it will not be considered “errors and omissions on the part of ColorMeBlu.”


  • Third Party Content Management Systems: Website performance may be affected by changes to the third party content management systems (CMS) (i.e. Wix and Squarespace), which would result in maintenance to the website. Issues caused by or in combination with new or updated third-party software products including upgrades, themes, plugins, modules, or Squarespace and Wix modifications/customizations will not be considered “errors and omissions on the part of ColorMeBlu.”

  • Third Party APIs: Website performance may be affected by changes to the third-party APIs (i.e. Twitter, MailChimp, Powr, PayPal, etc), which would result in maintenance to the website. Issues caused by or in combination with new or updated third-party software will not be considered “errors and omissions on the part of ColorMeBlu.”